Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can you really afford to eat here ???

I work at the frontline serving customers. There are times when it is a pleasure to serve them but a lot of times they can be very trying. And there are times when we do make mistakes, sometimes unknowingly.

So you'd think when others make mistakes you would be more forgiving? Hmmm, I wonder..? A funny service gaffe occurred last night while I was at the mall.

I had just come from withdrawing some money from the ATM. Felt a bit peckish but didn't want to have a full meal. So I decided on a burger.

"I'd like a mushroom swiss double burger, please". "Just the burger?" asked the auntie at the counter. "Yes, please."

"The burger is $5.25!" she said with a slightly cynical look.
I looked at her for about 2 exquisite seconds. I knew what she meant.
She was trying to put across that if I were to pay another $1.05, I would get a drink and fries as well. But that mean mischievous streak in me started to rear its head.

Dramatically, I started to look myself all over, pretending to see if my shirt was dirty, smelly or full of holes. Then in a purposefully manner, took out my wallet and pretended to count the stack of 50s that I had just withdrawn, making sure the auntie saw it!

"Ahh, yes,,,, I think I can afford a burger tonight, thank you."

The auntie, with what you'd called a priceless look on her face, then realised what she said was a big blunder. Served her right for embarrassing me at the queue.

"Will that be dine-in or to go?"

" Take-away please"

I was sure she was thinking Go, go, get away as quick as possible.

I was mean. mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
Just having some fun with the service staff ha ha.