Friday, September 30, 2011

Singapore Changi Airport - Time Lapse video

Here's the video I promised you shot from the Changi Airport Terminal 1 Viewing Mall.
It was taken this afternoon from 12 noon till 2.00pm but the video is compressed into a time lapsed movie of 2 & 1/2 minute duration. Taken with my Olympus EPL1 camera.

Watch in HD for better quality. Select 480 or 720p.    ----------------------here  ^

Monday, September 26, 2011

Diorama of Singapore life

The pace of life in Singapore is simply too hectic.
Everyone seems to be in a headlong rush towards total burnout.

Here's a video I shot today on our pace of life.
We don't seem to have the time to stop and smell the flowers 'cos we're always rushing off somewhere!
Unfortunately, today, of all days that I was available to do the shoot, the sky just had to be overcast the entire day.

Do sent me your comments below. Enjoy.
The video is in full HD. Select 720p and you'll get better quality.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Viewing Gallery at Changi Airport T1 is open

I had a pleasant surprise today when I dropped by Changi Airport Terminal 1.

If you are a plane spotter, you will know that Changi Airport terminals T2 and T3 are very unfriendly for plane spotters. The viewing gallery is placed within the upper levels overlooking the inside of the lower level (the transit hall) before looking out unto the apron, through the panels on the lower level.

They designed the public viewing area almost 30 meters away from the outer glass panel. This makes it near impossible to see the aircrafts on the apron. Probably in view of security.

I knew that renovations had been going on at the older Terminal 1, at least it was the last time I visited. When I was there today, I popped by to see if the public viewing area was just as bad as T2 and T3.

Surprise #1. Renovations were completed.
                    I later learned that it was completed months ago.

Surprise #2 . The viewing gallery at T1 extends right to the apron wall ! Yes!
                     This means an unobstructed view of the aircrafts on the tarmac.

Albeit, you can only see the central apron between T1 & T2, but that's a vast improvement over the miserable viewing conditions at T2 and T3.
My guess is that glass technology has improved so much to allow this new freedom?

The viewing gallery, now called the Viewing Mall, has a front about 50 meters long which affords a very wide view over the central apron.

Curiously, the floor  just beside the glass front is transparent.
You might get an initial fright if you step onto the glass panel and then look down at your feet to see the floor 20 meters below! The picture above shows people standing on the glass floor panel.

When I was there this afternoon, there was a private party going on to welcome the Finnair "Angry Birds" plane which had flew non-stop all the way from Helsinki. It arrived about the time I was there (but not on my account). That's the Finnair plane in the background in the picture above.

The Finnair party which I was not invited to. 
I'll be back one of these days to do a video of the aircrafts on the tarmac. Stay tuned.