Monday, September 26, 2011

Diorama of Singapore life

The pace of life in Singapore is simply too hectic.
Everyone seems to be in a headlong rush towards total burnout.

Here's a video I shot today on our pace of life.
We don't seem to have the time to stop and smell the flowers 'cos we're always rushing off somewhere!
Unfortunately, today, of all days that I was available to do the shoot, the sky just had to be overcast the entire day.

Do sent me your comments below. Enjoy.
The video is in full HD. Select 720p and you'll get better quality.

1 comment:

  1. Hello James,
    thanks for showing me your latest video. Indeed life looks hactic on it. Crossing there means running for your life lol...thanks for sharing and I enjoyed seeing it all. I always and don't ask me why, had a completely different idea of Singapore. It's wonderful despite the fast living. In that it doesn't differ from other places in the world. Lately we all seem to run and do everything in a hurry. Looks like the days are shorter and time flies. kind regards, Elsa