Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A painful trip

Warning: The accompanying picture may make you squirm!

On August 10th, 2008, exactly 10 months to the day that I had my spinal operation, my bliss ended with a most unpleasant trip. This trip unfortunately brought back nothing but pain.
This wasn't a trip to anywhere. I tripped and fell, sprawled flat on my face.

First thing I did was to check that everything's OK.
No problem, up and atom.

Then five days later, the pain down my right leg was so bad that my ortho specialist had to give me a fast pass to his office. X-rays showed nothing out of place. Everything was intact. The surgery was healing well. The platinum implants were still secured but the pain was still excruciating. Maybe just a contusion, said Prof Hee, I'll give you some painkillers, see me back in six weeks time. Total damage: $85 for the x-rays, $120 for the consultation and $35 for the painkillers...see me in 6 weeks! hello?

For the next two weeks, the pain became really unbearable. I simply couldn't get out of bed without pain shooting down the length of my leg. But the strange thing with this daily morning ritual was that once I managed to get up and about, the pain slowly diminished and after an hour or so, I was able to walk almost normally.

Finally, on the advise or more like threats from the missus, I decided to seek adjuvant treatment. This was to the neighbourhood sinseh for acupuncture! This young China trained practitioner, Dr TK Neo, at Bukit Batok Funan TCM had treated me last year before my surgery.

Four days after the acupuncture treatment, the pain was completely gone! I just couldn't believe it myself but I was so relieved.
Went for a second session today just to touch all bases.
And the cost? just $20! Take that NUH!

This is a picture of me undergoing acupuncture today. It's not a pretty picture (see the big tummy?). Total of 17 needles. Six on the legs, one each on the head and hand, and the rest on the tummy! ouch!!

Argghhh!!! that's really me! Ouch Ouch Ouch!

By the way, here's something really funny to watch......
It's in Teochew even.

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