Thursday, October 16, 2008

How to get a free resort stay in Phuket, Thailand

.Pristine sand beach at Phuket

Seriously, there is a way to get a free 3D2N stay at a 5 star resort at Phuket, Thailand. What's more, it's nothing less than the renowned Laguna Resorts at Phuket! The Laguna resort complex comprise 6 major resorts including the Banyan Tree, Dusit Laguna, Sheraton Grande, Allamanda Resort and Laguna Beach Resort.

The only catch is that you got to sit through a presentation on the Laguna Holiday Club scheme while you are already at one of the associated Laguna resorts. Yes, that scary word... Timeshare!

I first heard about this when I was in Phuket in 2005, exactly 6 months after the devastating tsunami. Rates were understandably at rock bottom. I had a suite for only S$350 at the Dusit Laguna and this included the Silkair return flight! The Dusit Laguna resort was in the direct line of fire by the tsunami but by then it had been substantially repaired, though there were still signs of the devastation in that area, but that's another story...

Dusit Laguna Resort after the tsunami 2005

Anyway, how do you get that free stay?
This is how:
whenever you stay at a Laguna associated resort anywhere, you will receive a welcome call from the Holiday Club inviting you to a presentation of their timeshare scheme. This high pressure, albeit, no obligations talk lasts 2 hours but you will be rewarded for your time with an offer of a substantial lunch or dinner, or a US$100 shopping voucher, or a 3D2N stay at one of the Laguna Resorts in Phuket.

It was on the day of my departure and as I had time to spare, I agreed to listen to their talk. Truthfully, they were nice, professional, persistent but not too overbearing. In the end, I opted for the free lunch, as I was already in Phuket and had no thoughts of returning anytime soon.

So if ever you are at the Angsana Spa Resort or the Banyan Tree in Bintan, just attend the Holiday Club presentation and you will get a free 3D2N stay at a Laguna Phuket resort. You just need to make your own way there.

By the way, this is not a paid blurb for the holiday club scheme, ha ha, but I wouldn't mind another free stay at Phuket though. Click on the link here and drool.

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