Monday, March 02, 2009

Salariman's domain - Ikebukuro japan

Ikebukuro, Tokyo Japan

This area was largely unknown to the tourist trade, being home to smaller corporations and suburban workers or salariman (salaried employees) as is commonly called by the Japanese.

However, Ikebukuro (pronounced Ee-ke-bu-kro) actually has the 2nd busiest train station in Tokyo after Shinjuku and is the terminal for the Narita Express and subways like the Ginza and Yurakucho lines. Deviously, the train station was built by 2 major departmental stores, the Seibu and the Tobu, built directly above the tracks. These are humongous stores where you can literally get lost within. You are fed directly off the train platforms into the department stores with its enticing sales and food outlets. Talk about retaining customers!

Over the past years, Ikebukuro has come into its own and is now a tourist mecca due to lower prices here than in more popular localities like Shinjuku, Shibuya or Ginza. More so, with the construction of more mega-malls like the Sunshine City, Amlux Toyota showroom, Louis Vuitton showroom, Mitsukoshi and Parco department stores. Yet, it still retains an old charm of Japanese culture with its myriad small neighborhood shops.

Ikebukuro at night

Amlux building houses the Toyota Showroom and Museum.
A must see destination for sporting and car enthusiasts.

Family Mart is just one of the several convenience store located all over Tokyo.
Commonly known as 'conben'. Others are 7-11, am~pm and Lawsons.
Buying your necessities from these stores saves you lots of money.
You can also have meals within most stores.

Japanese goods store in Sunshine City mall

A Pachinko & Gaming parlour.

A Discount Store with its typical Japanese signages.

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