Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Konnichiwa. Welcome to my blog

Well, finally here it it. If you can't beat them, guess you gotta join them eventually.
I've been in this industry so long yet been fighting off writing a blog as I felt I shouldn't put all my private thoughts out in the open. After all, private still has some meaning, right? Anyway...

Fujiwara is an old imperial clan in Japan. The early family ruling Japan hundreds of years ago but sadly now relegated to running business conglomerates! Imperial titles became all but extinct after WWII when the americans imposed a new brand of democracy. This blog is named for my Japanese friend Aki Fujiwara at whose persistence I was finally persuaded to write about my travels.

Kankoo in Japanese roughly translates as publications, sightseeing or pleasure trips.
So this is my focus for this particular blog. To bring you up close on my travels in and out of Singapore.

Hope you will drop by once in a while.

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