Thursday, August 02, 2007

Indonesian Spa retreat

Just got back from a 3 days retreat at the Angsana Spa & resort located at Bintan island, an hour south by ferry from Singapore. It been more than a year since I last visited this place but the ambiance is still fantastic. The resort room could use a bit of refreshing though. It's starting to look old and worn.

Of course, the main reason for being there is the Spa! They have introduced new treatments but again all the treatments are heavenly. The spa is located on the roof top of the hotel annex but done in such a manner that there's no hint of where you really are as all you see is the enclosed garden pavilion and looking out towards the sea or the beach.

The Angsana Spa is the twin sister of the Banyan Tree Spa located nearby. Having tried both, I feel that Angsana provide the better treatments whereas the Banyan Tree Spa is unbeatable for it's ambiance if you have your treatment in the individual villa pavilion. Treatment at the Spa Center tends to be more clinical and lacking the ambiance.

Spa Pool Banyan Tree cimg0013Banyan Tree Resort Bintan

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