Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tokyo Disneyland - A lesson in humility

Having first arrived in Tokyo in 1993, I passed Tokyo Disneyland on numerous occasions, whether on the Keiyo train or being driven along the Shuto Expressway. It had never ever occurred to me that I would ever want to visit that place. Kiddy stuff I thought. For tourists and for kids. In fact, on early occasions, I even thought that it was a love hotel on seeing Cinderella's castle from a distance. Well, you can't be blamed for that as love hotels seem to congregate in that region of Chiba. And if you've seen how gaudy some of these are, who will fault you for mistaking Cinderella's castle for another of those uniquely japanese places.

Having taken and shown so many visitors around Tokyo, it thus became inevitable that someone will ask..."I want to see Disneyland.. Can you take me there?" And so it was in 2002 that I finally had to make my foray into the Magic Kingdom.

What occurred in that initial visit was a mind opening experience, for which I would always berate myself. Was it a kiddy's place?...Yes. Was it kitschsy, tacky, for tourists?..also Yes. Was it enjoyable? absolutely Yes!

TDL is unique as a theme park. It sure changed my perceptions about theme parks. The atmosphere there is one of pure joy and happiness. You really feel away from the 'real' world.

The lesson I learnt from Tokyo Disneyland?....... Don't knock it unless you've tried it!

I been back there 4 times already. hee hee.

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