Monday, August 06, 2007

San Francisco - Gullible's Travels (1)

Back in the early 90's, when I was what was then known as a 'yuppie', I traveled extensively as required by my job. Of course, being in different environments present different views and outlooks - culture shock, as some authors put it. I'll relate some of the more memorable incidents.

San Francisco. One of the most beautiful place to be in. The firm had sent me to the corporate HQ down in Silicon Valley. A place called Fremont, about 80 miles south of San Francisco. After a week's work, I was due home but took the opportunity to stay in San Francisco to catch some of the sights. I was alone then and, actually, it was my first time there too.

At new places, you always get a bit apprehensive whenever it comes to eating. You're not sure of the menu, the prices, or even the procedures at times! So, on that first day, it was time for lunch and I decided to take the easy way out and take-out at a fast food joint.

Frankly, I had never heard of Subway till then. But they had nice pictures of sandwiches on the front glass. Okay, sandwiches which be nice.
So in I went and, wow!, how in the world do I get a sandwich here??
Hi, what kind of bread? huh? what would you like in it? huh? you want greens? huh? you want mustard? oh! you wanna drink with that? yeah yeah ok.
What an ass I must have been. But hey, all I wanted was a sandwich and I get 20 questions thrown at me!??
That'll be 14 bucks. So I proceeded to take money from my wallet, and what does this guy say?
Hey, guys, he's really gonna give me 14 bucks for the sandwich! crew sniggering behind.

Hey! its my first time here, how would I know the price of your crummy sandwich! grrrhhh.
Anyway, it turned out that the sandwich was only about 3 bucks, and the guy was of course just pulling my leg. They were actually nice young people, probably school kids only.

Welcome to San bumpkin.

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