Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tokyo for the 18th time.

Day: minus 1.
Changi Airport. Waiting for departure.

Another short 4D3N visit. Just to enjoy my favorite city again.
This trip was a on, off, on again, off again, on again event that sort of dampened the whole spirit but anyway, I was determined to go regardless. Even my traveling companion kept changing.
If my count is right, I guess the 18th for me.

Since the expectations of all my kakis seem pretty high this time, especially since they knew I was travelling but had them all guessing the destination and with whom I was going with. So for those whom I said ‘Bali this time’, apologies. It’s Tokyo, Japan, as half of you guessed right.

I will describe my itinerary on a daily basis on my blog from my hotel room each night starting from the 15th .
You can email any request to my personal email at
I will upload all the daily photos to my picasa web album so you can see where I’d been during day.

Signing off from the free terminal at Changi airport.

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  1. at least you didnt have to run for your luggage on way to the airport this time......