Monday, May 26, 2008

Tokyo Japan, May 2008

I learned something new about blogging 'live' on your holiday trip.
As said in my last musing, i wanted to give you all a daily update of my stay at Tokyo. Well, it just sound so easy but believe me, don't try it! It's heartbreaking.

I stayed at the Sunshine City Prince Hotel at Ikebukuro in Tokyo. The room had a high speed internet connection but going through the local provider, the interface was a lot in japanese kanji.
But my major problem was not being able to get my photos uploaded without a lot of difficulties. In the end, I simply gave up and this also made me loose my enthusiasm for taking more pictures during the trip. Any way, most of what I snapped are now uploaded onto my web albums at Picasa and webshots. Go there for a look.

On this trip I did 2 things which I would not normally have done.
The first was riding ALL the roller-coasters at Disyneyland, and,
secondly, went shopping! Something my companions will tell you I hardly do.

The 2nd day in Tokyo was to Disneyland. Rode all the available rides, including Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. These were awesome, hair-raising screamers but FUN!

On this trip with my friend, Christina, who turned out to be a compulsive, impulsive shopper, and putting someone like that in a modern trendy shopping city like Tokyo is like leaving a child in a candy store! I also ended up buying stuff for people for whom I still wonder if they deserve it?

Well, what I learnt also was that Burberry Blue Label are the most prized items to take back to Singapore! Ended up with 3 Blue Label wallets.

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