Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fort Pasir Panjang & the Labrador Battery.

Fort Pasir Panjang was one of the coastal artillery batteries that ringed the southern coast of Singapore from colonial days. Built in tandem with the forts at Pulau Blakang Mati (Sentosa) in 1878, Fort Pasir Panjang was located at Tanjong Belayar; more specifically on Labrador Hill.

Fort Pasir Panjang was decommissioned in 1912 but was revived as the Labrador Battery in 1939 due to fomenting crisis that would become World War II.

Join me on a short guided tour of old Fort Pasir Panjang. (Tips and gratuities gladly accepted!)
Enjoy and please do leave me some comments.

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  1. Thanks James for a wonderful documentary. In 1997 about 1 or 2 months before my wedding, I went to Labrador Park alone. While exploring the park I noticed what looked like an entrance way beside and beneath the road. I went down and saw an entrance with a makeshift wooden door that was not padlocked. I entered and realized it was a system of rooms/tunnels that seemed to have been untouched for many years. After a while I suddenly found myself in complete darkness in all directions. I tried to retrace my steps but to no avail. I also tried to follow the wall in one direction guessing that it would eventually lead me out. But I soon realized that didn't work because it seemed that one room led to one or more other rooms which in turn led to one or more other rooms. I was in a spot! Lost underground and I had not told anyone I was going to Labrador park! However after about another 5 to 10 minutes of trial and error, just as I had earlier on suddenly found myself in total darkness, I now suddenly saw light at the end of a tunnel in one of the directions. That was how how managed to come out - feeling much relieved and grateful ! I guess this is the tunnel you mentioned was discovered (announced?) in 2001.