Sunday, July 13, 2008

Aschaffenburg, Bavaria

Even the name Aschaffenburg sounds so romantic - 'City by the flowing Aschaff brook'. This small German town in Northern Bavaria, about 30 km from Frankfurt, holds dear to me as it was here that my friend Karlheinz Kuebert showed me the finer side of Germany.

Karl, an avid mountaineer and entrepreneur, lives in Aschaffenburg and from his base here brought me all over West Germany (at that time, before re-unification).

Karl lives in a picturesque cottage on top of a hill with 6 apple trees in the yard. He makes his own apple wine from his trees.

Aschaffenburg has a mild cool climate and is surrounded by forests and hills. It's one of those fairytale towns that you always have in your mind. The city is still traditionally centered around the old market but, of course, today development in the city makes it look like any other busy city centre.

It is also renowned for it's pork knuckles, a must have delicacy when you are there. There are several castles there, schloss, as it's called in German. The most famous is the Johannisburg schloss, pictured here. built many centuries ago, I can't remember.

By the way, Aschaffenburg is where I also have my only foreign bank account. A German numbered account at that! Last time I checked there was still nothing in it. haha. Still waiting for someone to make a deposit!

These are the German inns where I stayed in Aschaffenburg

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