Monday, July 21, 2008

Drinking Pure Water - Kyoto, japan

Have you ever been to a place where suddenly you feel in awe? You feel a presence of sanctity, a feeling that the place is sacred? A feeling of unspeakable greatness surrounding you or a mysterious presence? And that you feel really small in comparison with your surroundings?

You start to ponder philosophically at your destiny and of those around you. You wonder about your place in this world? Places like the Grand Canyon and the Vatican makes you do things like that.

You also get this feeling when you visit the Kiyomizu-dera temple complex in the eastern hills of Kyoto Japan. There is a pervading sense of holiness, of sacredness and calm in this temple.

is built on a mountain side, with the main hall overhanging a cliff. Several minor temples and shrines are spread over a vast landscape on the mountain. When you enter the complex, notwithstanding the fees and crowds, you will immediately feel that this place is special. It's a feeling which can't be described and must be experienced yourself.

Legend tells of a buddhist priest Enchin, who in year 780, discovered the source of pure water flowing from Mt Otowa. The temple complex you see today is built around this water source.

This is the Otowa-no taki, where 3 streams flow out from the mountain and falls into a pond.

Pilgrims to this shrine drink from these 3 streams which are said to have spiritual and therapeutic properties. The 3 streams are said to confer Wisdom, Health and Longevity. Kiyomizu means pure water.

On a lighter side, this temple complex also contains a shrine dedicated to the God of Love. This is the Jishu Jinja, where supplications and prayers are made for marriages, love and childbirth.

One curiosity in this shrine are 2 large boulders placed about 40 feet apart. If you can walk with your eyes closed from one boulder to the other, you will find love.

Following is a short video of visit to Kiyomizu with some of my colleagues.
They simply can't get enough drink of Pure Water !

By the way, the pictures of Kiyomzu-dera above are not mine but were taken off the Net and enhanced a bit. I don't seem to have a picture of it in clear weather.

It seems every time I visit Kiyomizu, the pure water come from the sky instead! hee hee.

ja neh

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