Friday, July 18, 2008

Eating pies in the loo!! - Sydney, Australia

When you visit Sydney, Australia, the usual places you'll be taken to would be the Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower, Bondi Beach, etc.
But there is one place that will say you've not been to the real Sydney if you don't visit it.

I was introduced to this place by an old friend, Fr. Alban Mitchell ofm, a franciscan friar , who had promised to take me to the finest dining Sydney can offer. Bells were already ringing at that time. A poor humble friar going to the finest dining in Sydney?

Fr Alban Mitchell ofm (1927-2006), taken at Sacred Heart Convent, overlooking Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour, Australia.

This 'fine restaurant' is located in the naval dockyard area of Sydney called Woolloomooloo, affectionately called the 'loo'.

Harry's Cafe de Wheels is a pie cart but not just any 'pie cart'. It's an icon, it's famous, it's australian as koalas, it's unique and it's an institution in Sydney.
The list of celebrities who ate from this pie cart reads like an Oscar night and Fortune 500 put together. Yet this pie cart serves everyone from the curious to the well-heeled, and is literally standing room only. There are no seats at this pie cart. hee hee.

Famed for its Tiger Pies, which personally I felt overrated, but they have truly delicious meat pies.
It has great atmosphere amidst its setting there.
I'll give them a free plug here, .
Maybe they'll read this and send me a coupon for a Tiger Pie?

This is a clip taken on a visit to Harry's Cafe de Wheels with some of my friends in 2004.

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